DBCA Response to Proposed Budget Cuts

Written by: George Stern When the seminal Deafblind Young Adults in Action seminar took place in June of 2009, it was the advent of many pivotal firsts: the first time advocacy and accessibility were systematically combined to provide a fully-accessible leadership...

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DBYAA 2018 Summer Program Summary

Report of the Vice President/Program Coordinator (View an accessible PDF version here) The following is, hopefully, a concise and accurate rendering of DBCA’s summer activities for 2018, along with comments, suggestions, and feedback from other key players. We will...

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Chris Gonzalez Reflects On His DBYAA Experience

One thing I’d like to share upfront with everyone here is that I am a firm believer of everything that happens during its time period for a reason. We go through the best and the worst thing life has to offer, and we use these experiences as a tool. We learn and grow...

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Member Spotlight: Hunter McGowan

Countdown to DBCA 2018 DBCA member spotlight – Hunter McGowan My name is Hunter McGowan and I am an individual with deafblindness due to the etiology of Usher syndrome type II. My interests include: tandem bicycling, camping, kayaking, reading, writing and learning...

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