DeafBlind Citizens in Action

Leveling the playing field for people who are deafblind


To empower people who are deafblind through education, technology, and legislation and to ensure that deafblind persons have a strong political voice so that they may lead productive lives with equal opportunities.


To strive to create a better world where deafblind individuals are empowered through equal opportunities to live fully and productively, including full access to employment, education and technology.

Meet the DBCA Team

Divya Goel

Divya Goel


Divya Goel joined DBCA in 2009. As Vice President, she is a mentor and guide to all the younger DBCA members. She became passionately interested in advocacy and governmental policy after meeting President Obama in the White House. Divya has a rare Type 3 HARS Usher Syndrome.

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