Transportation Leadership Workshop

Join DBCA for the first ever Transportation Leadership Workshop focusing on youth transition to adulthood. The workshop will be 4 days full of hands on interactive events and activities emphasizing using public transportation, wayfinding, and self-advocacy to navigate environments. 

The Event will be taking place March of 2020. The workshop days are March 15th to March 18th. Travel days will be March 14th and March 19th 2020. 

Hotel and food is included for deafblind participants, any support/family members that will be attending will be required to provide their own food and hotel during their stay. The hotel has a restaurants and there are many local restaurants and food carts in the area. Free breakfast is available at the hotel if you choose to stay at the same location as the participants. 

Video Description: This video contains a montage of DeafBlind people visiting Portland Oregon for a leadership meeting on transportation. In the photos DeafBlind youth are meeting, alongside their mentors, officials working for: Oregon Department of Transportation, Tri-Met, Portland International Airport, Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and Amtrak. In some photos the DeafBlind leaders can be seen: using canes and guide dogs to navigate train platforms and airport terminals, using braille and large print to find seats or information about the equipment or surroundings, and using close vision or tactile interpreters to communicate.

March 15th (Day 1)

Learn Hotel Orientation and Layout

DBCA group meeting: introductions, review agenda and goals, discuss expectations, and answer questions regarding event

Attend presentation by Dr. Shiri Azenkot titled “What is User Centered Design?”

Group dinner and socialization at hotel

March 16th (Day 2)

Group explores and uses Portland’s Public transit system (Tri-Met light rail system ‘Max”) through actual use for transportation to/from meetings

Visit Union Station to tour Amtrak exploring train features and discuss accessibility features

Visit TriMet Operations Headquarters to explore bus features and meet with TriMet leaders to discus Fixed route and Lift services

Guided Group meeting at PSU focusing on reflection as a group and individually through discussion and journaling

March 17th (Day 3)

Visit Portland International Airport (PDX) to meet with airport staff and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) accessibility team

Explore secured plane at PDX to learn about accessibility features

Eat Explore airport and eat lunch

Wayfinding Research Opportunity at PSU campus exploring traveling with unique supports

(Optional: Wayfinding focus group Participation which will guide research for campuses to become more inclusive)

March 18 (day 4)

Attend Mobility Matters

Some DBCA members will be selected to be on a panel discussion for Mobility Matters

Attend afternoon breakout session to reflect and discuss salient points and gatherings from the workshop

Leadership and Workshop Team

Amita Srinivasan

Amita Srinivasan


DBCA President, Amita Srinivasan is a rising sophomore at the University of Texas at Austin dual majoring in Psychology and Human Dimensions of Organization. She is a co-director of the Inclusion and Disability Agency of the UT Student Government 2018-2019. She is also a mentor and Historian in the Women of Excellence student organization at UT Austin.


Divya Goel

Divya Goel

Vice President

Divya Goel joined DBCA in 2009. As Vice President, she is a mentor and guide to all the younger DBCA members. She became passionately interested in advocacy and governmental policy after meeting President Obama in the White House.

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George Stern

George Stern


George Stern is a 27 year old student and advocate currently residing in Lubbock, Texas, pursuing a major in French and a minor in Classics at Texas Tech University (TTU). George hopes to apply these studies into a career in law or with the Library of Congress, so he can help ensure access to the treasury of human knowledge for all people.

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Location Information


University Place Hotel and Suites

310 SW Lincoln St, Portland, OR 97201

Meeting Rooms

Portland State University

1825 SW Broadway, Portland, OR 97201

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should apply?

This event is intended for people who are deafblind and ages 14 to 25. The reason for this is the focus on transitioning from school age/youth to adulthood. If you are over the age of 25 and deafblind consider becoming a leader within DBCA and you could be a mentor for a future event!

If you are a family member of someone you think would be a good fit, please sit down with them and fill out the application together discussing the agenda and application questions together. This is a great opportunity to start learning self-advocacy and identifying your needs and the needs of the deafblind participant.

How do I register?

At the top of this page there is a “button” with a link to our online registration form. Please use that form to register yourself or along with a deafblind person. You will be notified by a DBCA volunteer if you have been accepted. Please read the registration form carefully and complete all the fields. Missing information may result in lack of support and accessibility.  If you are not able to submit the form or need an alternate version, please contact us at:

You can also use the provided here to access the online form:

I know a deafblind person I think would benefit from this event, what should I do?

You might know somebody that would benefit from this event which is great! Let them know by directing them to this webpage, if they need help accessing any information on this website please direct them to our support staff who can support independent access through Video phone, video chat, email, text, or phone call. If you want to support them through the application process do so but consider the spirit and intention of this event, successful transition to adulthood. Everyone needs help from time to time but fill out the application with the deafblind person guiding them and discuss possible challenges and areas of concern support them through the discussion and encourage them to do as much as possible on their own. If you need information reach out to us and we can support you and the deafblind person complete to application and get any information needed. We can also talk one on one to discus an concerns you or the deafblind person might have about attending the event.

Is everyone accepted?

Unfortunately, not everyone will be accepted. This event requires a lot of coordination and volunteer support to be successful.  We will only accept the number of participants we can successful support and provide high quality access to. This number will vary based on who is accepted and their needs. We can support a wide variety of people and needs so don’t be afraid to apply.

I need more information who can I contact?

If you need more information or information is not accessible to you on this page please contact us by email so we can discuss the best option to get you accessible information or just talk you through the process.

Email us at